Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dream for a New Year

Last night I had a very interesting, telling, and hopefully premonitory (portentous) dream!

I was with a group of other young people like we were in a cliched horror film. I think they were a few girls I went to school in Germany with. However, we were trapped in an old building much like you'd find on the Berkeley campus.

The problem was much like in "13 Ghosts" or "Silent Hill" where you think you can leave, but in fact "reality" itself will trap you in (even when you think you've escaped you haven'). Of course, it starts out with convoluted hallways, that alter and change course as you go through it, not letting you out. Then at one point we escaped out a "side way" but were then tricked into going back in, thinking "We were just trippin' it's not REALLY a trick, haunted building!"

but once lured back in we realized we were trapped again. However, through sheer belief in myself, due to the fact that the entire time we actually WERE trapped I never lost hope or faith in my ability to get out. Likewise, this final time when we got "re"-trapped, while the others fretted, i confidently strode out, and as the others were "sucked" back in, i escaped knowingly. then i woke.

I never felt a sense of being trapped or that i wouldn't make it out.

I hope this portends of the coming year. That all the pitfalls of life will fall away like nothing, no matter how "mysterious" or "otherworldly" my hindrances, obstacles, and barriers might be!

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