Saturday, January 2, 2010

Firewalled Heart

In the era of "Generation Me" we've become SO weak, we do anything to avoid any sort of discomfort.

Is this the attraction of the new cyber-reality, the ability to firewall our lives?

Am I the only one feeling hopelessly unrequited by our virtual relationships?

Can a soul truly be filled by mere suggestion or vacuous intimation, no matter how sincere, no matter how well-intentioned?

Has touch, actual human contact, and genuine interaction become quaint-- even obsolete, having lost value in our cyberized world of virtual commitments and firewalled hearts??

Have we really become so cowardly as to create barriers to pain, knowing it will also keep out joy?

Has courage become a luxury in an increasingly alienated world?

Will isolation win out over our humanity? Will individualism kill the spirit of collectivism? Will competition suffocate cooperation? The personal trump the public?

Will building defensive walls (both emotional and virtual) around our hearts truly save us from pain, or will it only weaken us to the point that we forget what the joy and tragedy of being truly human really is?

It seems so ironic that in an age of ever-increasing separation, when what every human truly yearns for is genuine human contact, that we build more and more layers to insulate us from the very connection we long for.

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