Sunday, January 3, 2010

Steven Greenhut

Steven Greenhut is the director of the Pacific Research Institute's Investigative Journalism Center and News Bureau in Sacramento. Was on the editorial board of the Orange County Register.

Author of "Plunder! How Public employee unions are Raiding Treasuries Controlling Our Lives and Bankrupting the Nation."

If it isn't obvious from the hysterical and overexagerrated title, then the vast stupidity of the Orange County simpletons demonstrates how much ignorance and naive hypocrisy and moral confusion is required to "think" on the right. It's almost a purely Teabagging orgy.

Compare this talk with those at say "City Lights Bookstore" in San Francisco or Cody's in Berkeley. The difference is between Preschool and the Ivy League!

If you want to understand how "discourses" are produced, it's not even about facts (though statistically conservative forces tend to be immune from them)

His "evidence" is almost entirely anecdotal and I'm ASSUMING totally spurious. At one point he pretends like he isn't a total hack by relating stories from the L.A. Times. I'm assuming this is an "investigative series" that exists only in his Orange County head, or perhaps in the Twilight Zone.

In Greenhut's bizarro world, the Unions are out to get us and ruining everything. He even things some bizarre conspriacy that they deliberately minsmanage. I'd like to know how his brilliant conspiratorial elaborations would relate to the horrors committed by the Bush Administration. This is where his BLATANT hypocrisy gets exposed, leaving him to his silly, provinical audience in Orange, California. This first AND only time i've even heard of an author even coming to such an intellecutal backwater.

He apparently is against the idea of workers having a pension. He was even nervous about touching the venerated Prop 13 which ensures a racist segregated school system.

One person criticized that Mission Viejo is a contract town and paid the Sheriff 8 millsion and now pays 17 million. His response is the problem with not enough competition and monpoly of the government . Not the vast and notorious corrupiton of the Sheriff's Department.

Also author of "

not surprisingly go to!

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