Saturday, January 30, 2010

A History of Neo-Conservatives: "The Forty Years War"

1/7/10 C-Span

World Affairs Council Washington D.C.
University of California, Washington Center

Len Colodny and Tom Shachtman "The Forty Years War"

Fritz G.A. Kraemer godfather of Neo-conservative movement. anti-fascist/ anti communist. Interesting figure who mentored Kissinger, Haig, Rumsefeld, Cheney, Bolton. He's basically an unknown figure, yet massively influential till he died (and afterward) in 2003.

Communism has fallen by anti-communism remains.

Colonel Alexander Haig infiltrates Nixon Administration on behalf of Neo Cons.

Because of detente, they were oppesed to Nixon (and his withdrawal of troops in Vietnam)

Kraemer's doctrine of "Provocative Weakness" the idea that any show of weakness invites attack. This is why Cheney attacks Obama for not using the word "Terror"

In 75-100 years no President has been successful lobbied from the Left on foreign affairs. They find it difficult to oppose the military industrial complex which is very successful at swaying public opinion.

In 6-8 weeks after Reagan used the term "evil empire" he stopped using it, as he found it bogged down any negotiations. Years later he outright took it back and contradicted it.

Project for a New American Century in the 1990's. Took advantage of Clinton Scandals and pushed on him the Iraq Liberation Act.

If you listen to the Nixon Tapes ( after the smoking gun part, you can consistently hear Haig giving Nixon advice that would specifically hurt him (for example outright covering up those that were involved in the Watergate break-ins).

George W. Bush was the first "pure" Kramerite, with someone like John Bolton who hates the U.N. serve as UN Ambassador!

Admiral Moore, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff coordinated the spy ring infiltrating the Nixon Administration.

The Moore-Radford Affair from Seymour Hersh's book on Kissinger. Admiral Wellinder has a confession (he worked directly under Moore). He explains all the stolen documents and Haig's complicity.

Democrats and Republicans come and go, but the military stays. They started this espionage because they were being cut out of the process as Nixon was taking radical new directions in foreign policy (detente)

After the Fall of Communism, 45 different conservative groups meet in Washington D.C. worried because we suddenly no longer had an enemy. 6 months later Sadaam Hussein emerged.

"Their [Neo-Con] current fascination with Sarah Palin is very interesting, she's essentially George Bush in drag!"

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  1. I watched with interest the two authors give their presentation on cspan and interest piqued when an older white haired couple obviouly hid from the cameras - whaz up wit dat? I have my own opinion of the devastation of Europe and the desperate people who came to the Americas to cause further war fare - the leadership from such emotionally disturbed people is stupid!