Friday, January 8, 2010

The Ghost

Another Asian Horror film with the creepy stringy haired deadly ghost stalking attractive victims.


In the end the body didn't decay because of the high arsenic content in the water, the detective explains, "See, even fish can't live in the water." Again, a bit of social commentary. As well, the male lead is a Sociology major, a major that's very critical of social norms and structural violence and inequities.

(spoiler) The concept of transmigrating souls here is reminiscent of the unforgettably creepy Angelheart with Mickey Rourke and Lisa Bonet.

As a sidenote, Cosby publically criticized Lisa Bonet for her sexy role in the movie, and she even started appearing less on the Cosby Show as a result. Goes to show you how wrong he is and why a book like "Is Bill Cosby Right?: Or has the Black Middle Class Lost Its Mind?" by Michael Eric Dyson.

"Ghostly visions plague a student whose friends begin to die." Starring Kim Ha-neul, Ryu Jin, Nam Sang-mi, Lee Yun-ji, Kim Hae-suk, Choi Ran. From South Korea. 2004. 90 mins.


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