Saturday, December 19, 2009

Explorer: Narco State

"The drug war along the Mexican border and its northward advance."

Kidnappings and Human Trafficking rise as the drug cartels increase their activity in Arizona. Much like in Afghanistan and other ares, these practices seem to inveitably follow a drug trafficking activity.

After a fatal shooting in Juarez, the epicenter of the drug war in Mexico, songs about the Narco-corridos play over police radios, a signal from cartels declaring who's responsible- a deadly show of power.

Sicario: a hitman for the Juarez cartel.

Sinaloa Cartel: one of the most powerful cartels in Mexico. 12,000 deaths in the war on drugs.

"Americans love their country, but can only face it if they're stoned, I guess!" Charles Bowden, writer.

Reporting by Lisa Ling

The violence erupted as a result of new President Felipe Calderon who rejected the previous Mafia-like arrangement of previous govenrment corruption and cartel informed "blood is bad for business" to a war against organized crime.

So, I have to ask, will legalizing and regulating the drug trade, like alcohol and tobacco, the way to take the revenue stream away from organized crime.

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