Saturday, December 19, 2009

Jindo: Korea's super smart dog

The Korean dog named after the Island of "Jindo" in the far south of Korea is an uncannily smart dog.

Breed characteristics: tends to avoid human settlements, hunts on its own, will not overeat, fiercely defensive of its owner, will not easily transfer loyalty to "new owner" and will regularly jumps over 9-12 foot fences!

Verified accounts have shown that many Jindo's will literally travel hundreds of miles to return to their first master's home. One Jindo even swam ACROSS the ocean back to the island of Jindo and was found at the old master's home, a journey of over 500 miles!

Due to it's breed characteristic of avoiding human settlement and hunting on its own, it can make such journey's to be reunited with its master.

I believe they should be understood as a land breed, like the Swiss Mountain Dog, rather than identified by the latest genetic characteristics.

This breed developed in the Jindo's resistance against the Mongol Invasions of the 12th Century, as many different war dogs from across Korea congregated there. As a result the Korean Army continues to use Jindo's as guard dogs, as they can recognize the scent of over 1000 individuals, so they can recognize any sabateurs or North Korean agents attempting to sneek into a military base just be not recognizing the agent's scent.

Accounts of the Jindo's bravery and loyalty are famous. Unfortunately, Jindo's are uninsurable like pitbulls in the U.S. and OFTEN end up in shelters, as owners cannot handle such a wild dog. Once, Dr. Phil brought his Jindo to the Tonight Show and Jay Leno asked if it was a good dog to have. Dr. Phil replied, "If you like dingos!!"

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