Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm a Cyborg, but That's Okay

Directed by Park Chan-wook. A young girl thinks that she's actually a cyborg that needs to get revenge on the "men in white" who took her grandmother away for thinking she was a mouse.

There are a number of layers interesting symbolisms throughout the film.

For example the "Budo" or spirit of being a Cyborg is to refrain from the Cyborg "7 Deadly Sins":

Feel no sympathy
Feel no sadness
No Restlessness
No Hesitation about Anything
No Useless Daydreaming
Do not Feel Guilty
No Thankfulness

"The above was in the order of evilness."

I wonder whether this has to do with the kinds of subjectivities that we need to survive in a late modern capitalist society rife with alienation and isolation. as if we need to "harden" ourselves like a cyborg to make it, lest we go insane.

There are also scenes, where she buries important artifacts that help her in gbeing a successful Cyborg (such as the detnures, Rain's keepsake locket with his mothers' picture which he had converted into a "Rice conversion megatron" to convince her to being eating again.)

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