Monday, December 21, 2009

Garden State

Written and Directed by Zach Braff. "A disaffected actor finds a soulmate in a quirky woman." Starring Zach Braff, Ian Holm, Ron Leibman, Method Man, Natalie Portman, Ann Dowd. 2004. 109 mins.

Clever, smart film depicting genuine human connection within an alienated, self-medicated world. Snide depictions of the "acting world" of L.A. within a world of anti-depressants, overnight millionaires, illicit drugs, and an underground economy is all part of the insightful character of the script.

Another "smart" thing about the film is the GREAT soundtrack. Zach Braff obviously has really cool taste in music. You know this right off, as the film opens with a quirky yet serious Indian song, (not bollywood, but perhaps even some sort of devotional song) and includes Nick Drake and other moody independent type selections, demonstrating a wide range and tasteful array of musical flavors.

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