Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to Read the New York Times

Despite being considered "the liberal Media" by right wing loonies and other uncredible sorts, being the "paper of record" it has an inevitable establishmentarian leaning/ bias. Therefore, there are editors who act as gatekeepers to keep the paper from seeming "biased." "Being biased" means, "speaking truth to power" so you have to keep from seeming "biased" against the powerful, super powerful, and obscenely powerful.

So, the way I found is the best way to read an article is to read the last sentence of the article. There, you will find the one sentence that NEEDS to be said, that the reporter WANTS, to say, but the editor tries to KEEP them from saying. So, that's where they compromise and the reporter can sneak in that one sentence that's subversive. It will usually be worded entirely differently than the rest of the articles prose and will sound something like, "However, critics question whether this is really even an issue," or something really matter of fact and "smart" sounding. It will often be really "big picture."

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