Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mysteries of Mary Magdalene

"The great mystery woman of the Bible. The conspiracy theories surrounding the great mystery woman of the Bible." National Geographic

It's interesting that in all four gospels she is the only one not to abandon Christ when he was executed by the all-powerful Roman Empire, AND she was also the one to anoint his naked corpse, she seems to have had a very intimate relationship with him.

According the the Gnostic Gospels, esp. the Gospel of Phillip, some translate as "And he kissed her on the mouth very often."

Also the Gospel of Thomas, Mary are important to look at as competing versions of Jesus' life and teaching.

It's also argue that Mary Magdalene being the first witness of Christ's resurrection and that the empty tomb scene seems to be a later add on, then she may be the creator and founder of "Christianity" since Jesus was already dead. So the idea of a religion founded upon the death of Christ for our sins and his resurrection on the third day may very well be attributable to her.

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