Friday, December 25, 2009

U.S. Bases Abroad

Phyllis Bennis

Institute for Policy Studies
New Internationalism Project-Director

Environmental and social concerns (especially surrounding women) of U.S. bases abroad.

Pentagon now in charge of ALL of Africa NO LONGER by civilians in USAID or the State Department!! (includes administration of aid, policies concerning public health, etc.!!) 2100 of 2500 U.S. troops in Africa are stationed in Djibouti, newly developed Africa Command (never had one before). CentCom, PacCom, Europe (list rest of military commands).

Publications: Challenging Empire (Iraq War), violation of international law.

"Coalition of the Willing or Coalition of the Coerced?"

Most countries in the Afghan coalition have only a few troops, "window dressing" only UK, Australia, Canada, Italy have any significant numbers. Not really multi-national. Only there due to political or economic pressure from the U.S. (like Georgia 1, Iceland 2, Ireland 4, Jordan 7, etc.)

Almost all the troops serving in the war zones are there from towns under the population of less than 25,000. This is like a "poverty" draft.

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